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FIAPO Bootcamp 2018- Kolkata

We just finished with the fourth phase of FIAPO Bootcamp 2018-East Zone. It was a 3-day, track intensive event held in Kolkata from 16th-18th March, and we could not be more proud of the wonderful response! There were a total of 48 people attending the event, who hailed from Orrisa, West Bengal and Assam.

FIAPO Bootcamp 2018-East Zone was the fourth workshop held in the country aimed at bringing together the animal rights community. Autonomous and redefining the core values and ethics of the animal rights fraternity, it also established solidarity and uniformity across all levels of the animal rights movement in India with the 4 uniquely designed tracks to suit different needs.

These 4 tracks were:

  • ABC and Sheltering
  • First Aid and Rescue
  • Vegan Outreach and Humane Education
  • Legal Enforcement

The whole of the East community present at the Bootcamp, got together to discuss and share knowledge on common issues such as recruitment, fundraising, best practices, group development, communications and current issues such as conflict resolution and the human-dog conflict. The community also gathered in smaller groups everyday to discuss issues relevant to their fields of work.

Kolkata Bootcamp
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