FIAPO was officially founded in 2010; however, the journey began long back at the Asia for Animals conference in 2007!

The idea of a coalition was seeping in since 2005, and in 2007, some of the best and brightest minds of the Indian animal community came together to give birth to FIAPO. By its very name, FIAPO, or the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, was looking to build something that did not exist – an organisation that could help other organisations grow, as it grows.  It was an organisation looking to answer and care for all animals – not only in present, but also the future.

Today, we’ve engrained in us the ideas that we were formed with. We now work in collaboration with more than over 80 members and over 200 supporter organizations across the country everyday – hoping to change the lives of animals across India in the long run.

Supporting, collaborating and training is a big part of what we do. But at the same time we also run national campaigns to ensure that we save countless animals from mindless suffering on a daily basis today – we fight for better laws and invest heavily in spreading awareness and education.

FIAPO has helped achieve a ban on cetaceans in captivity as well as block the establishment of India ‘s first mega dairy. It has catalyzed the resolution of conflict in more than 50 discrete instances, maximizing impact by working with local organizations and activists closest to the problems whenever possible. FIAPO has hosted four national animal rights conferences-the first of their kind in India.

Created by the people, for the people, we’re the collective voice of the animal rights movement in India.