The conceptualization of FIAPO can be traced back to 2005, where the idea of a ‘Federation’ first arose. Here’s our story since then!

- Idea of a coalition germinated at the Asia for Animals Conference in Singapore.

- After Asia for Animals 2007, Indian animal groups met in Chennai and the foundation of FIAPO was laid.

- At the beginning of 2008, the conceptualization of the Federation took place.
- A website was created and strong participants of the Federation were identified.
- To assist networking google groups were formed.
- A preliminary on-line library was formed with special emphasis on farmed animal research

- Seven organisations and individuals came together to formed the Founding Board including the following
- Amala Akkineni, Blue Cross of Hyderabad
- Norma Alvares, People for Animals, Goa
- Sheila Rao, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action
- Abodh Aras, Welfare of Stray Dogs
- Nandita Shah, SHARAN India
- Erika Abrams, Anmial Aid Unlimited

- Farmed animals’ research and workshops began
- Work on animals in experimentation begin

- Executive staff was appointed
- FIAPO formally registered as a Public Charitable Trust

- FIAPO elected their first Governing Board
- Organised first pan India conference (India for Animals) for animal activists

- First local federation formed in Jaipur
- Second pan India conference (India for Animals) was organised
- Work on

- Pilot of Living Free campaign launched in Kolkata
- Two new local federations launched in Pune and Kerala
- FIAPO secured a victory for dolphins and cetaceans. As a result of advocacy and public engagement in a targeted campaign, the Ministry of Environment and Forests formally prohibited both the establishment of dolphinaria and keeping cetaceans in captivity in India.
- FIAPO saved 9000 cows by taking on the giant Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and campaigning against IFFCO’s plans


- FIAPO forms a network in more than 15 cities across India
- FIAPO held the grand India for Animals Conference, inviting over 300 activists and national and international organisations
- Living Free campaign reaches out to 1 lakh people with its message of a cruelty free life
-Launched a campaign to rescue all elephants in circuses, and successfully rehabilitated Paruh
- FIAPO created the first dairy code for welfare of cattle
- Advocated for the phasing out of battery cages in two states in India
-  Aimed to sensitize citizens through information packs, news stories and public engagement campaigns.
- One new local federation is launched in Varanasi


- FIAPO expands network to include over 25 cities in India
- Launched a nationwide Leadership Development Programme, with boot-camps in two zones.
- Ran India’s biggest on-site circus rescue operation saving the animals at Moonlight Circus
- Rescued animals from over 5 circuses in India including dogs, goats, horses and elephants
-Launched a federation run campaign to deal with industrialised cruelty in meat shops
-Successfully ran the first-aid programme in the Varanasi ghats replicated at the Community Ghats through activist mobilisation
- One new  local federation formed in Greater Bombay