Grants to Curb Illegal Slaughter in your City!


SIS HeaderWhile we believe all forms of exploitation of animals is unethical, our constitution allows for certain forms of ‘use’ of animals. One such allowance is consumption of animals as food- which results in hundreds of thousands of animals being slaughtered every day across the country. While such killing is allowed under specific rules and conditions, none of the facilities we investigated across the country confirm to these. To curb such mindless killing of animals, FIAPO launched the #StopIllegalSlaughter campaign.

After successfully piloting in Jaipur, the campaign has now expanded to 10 new cities- Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Indore, Raipur, Delhi, Dehradun, Ahmedabad and Kolkata!

We are now inviting organisations from the above cities to partner with us in order to curb the growing menace of illegal slaughter. To this end, FIAPO is mobilising grants of up to INR 1, 80,000 per annumand making them available for local organisations who can lead the campaign in their city!

Campaign Objectives and actions to be fulfilled by participating Organisations:-
  • Inspection of meat shops and slaughterhouses in the city.
  • Filing of complaints against illegal establishments with the Local Municipality and Food Safety Department.
  • Lobbying with regulatory bodies for implementation of rules and for prompt action to be taken against illegal establishments.
  • Pro-active awareness building surrounding illegal slaughter and unsafe meat.
  • Coverage and Promotion of campaign actions in the local media.
  • Sensitization of all stakeholders to the issue.
  • Developing an advanced and much robust system for proper housing and maintenance of animals.

We aim to support organisations and individuals taking up the campaign with resources, material and the required visibility on all physical and digital platforms. This grants programme aims at encouraging the young and upcoming Animal Protection groups, in order to develop capacity and to grow and strengthen our national network.

If you are a dedicated individual or an activist group who shares our compassion,
please apply to us at today!

FIAPO Bootcamp 2017- North Zone. Meet the Team!

DGM Header 25-8-17

We are leaving no stones unturned to make sure FIAPO Bootcamp 2017- North Zone (22nd-24th of September) is memorable for you! So much so, that this time round, we have introduced the enthralling, young and energetic ‘Resource People’, to pump up the intensity of the 3-day event to be held in New Delhi.Here are some highlights of what the track-intensive Bootcamp has to offer!

Swati Ballani
Founder, Ramaiya Charitable Foundation
 FIAPO’s old comrade has led the animal rights movement in Varanasi for a while now, and has recently started her own NGO – Ramaiya Charitable Foundation. Apart from doing first aid & rescue herself, she has also built a team of 30+ volunteers in the city!
Priyanshu Jain
Founder, Vinayak Animal Birds and Civil Development Association (VABCDA), Indore
Running Vinayak Animal Birds and Civil Development Association (VABCDA) in Indore, Priyanshu Jain is a lady that you will spot from a far! Associated with FIAPO for the past couple of years, she is an expert in rescue, rehab and first-aid work that she executes with the help of an ambulance.

Nandini Gulati
Health Coach and the Author of the cookbook ‘Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook’
An inspiring health coach with a charismatic personality, Nandini will be coaching us on delivering persuasive speeches and presentations to help animals. She is also the author of the cookbook ‘Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook’ which will be available for sale during the event!

Abhinav Srihan
Founder, Fauna Police
A dearly loved and admired animal activist from Delhi, Abhinav heads Fauna Police whose aim is to eradicate illegal Indian wild bird/animal trade, save animals from natural and man-made emergencies, shut down puppy mills, stop animal fighting and other forms of animal cruelty.

We are happy to invite people from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Delhi & NCR and Haryana to step forward to trigger something bigger at the FIAPO Bootcamp 2017-North Zone!

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Your food is polluting the air more than your car: DontGetMilked!

DGM Header 25-8-17We’ve all seen some of our more environmentally responsible friends doing what they can to save the environment- they switch off lights and electrical appliances, don’t litter the roads, use recyclable plastics and even pool cars to reduce emissions; but what they don’t realise is that drinking one glass of milk causes more harm than their good deeds can cover up! In our path for a greener tomorrow, we often forget one of our biggest nemeses - Animal Agriculture, which is the 2nd largest contributor to global warming.

Here are some facts that you can share with your eco- friendly companions to help them drift towards ditching dairy:

It’s time you tell your friends about the ill- effects of animal farming on the environment, (and the wonderful effects of choosing a no-milk diet!) and urge them to make a difference, no matter how small. Ask them to take the first step by sharing this downloadable vegan starter kit today.

Promise Compassion to the Environment Today!
Don’t Get Milked!


Early Birds, 3 Days Left to Register for FIAPO Bootcamp 2017-North Zone!


With exactly one month to go for FIAPO Bootcamp 2017- North Zone, the preparations are in full swing! Scheduled to be held from 22nd- 24th September in New Delhi, we’re just 3 days away from closing our Early Bird Discount!
These 3 day intensive workshops offer an amazing opportunity to local activists and NGOs to come together on a single platform, to build a stronger voice for the animal rights movement of India. To develop leadership across the spectrum of animal rights, we have customized the Bootcamp into four major tracks:
  • ABC, Sheltering(small and large animals)
  • First-Aid and Rescue (of all animals)
  • Vegan Outreach and Humane Education 
  • Law Enforcement
People in the animal rights community in the North (Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Delhi & NCR and Punjab), we look forward to hosting you!
Book your spot today by registering within the next three days, i.e. before 25th August, to avail the Early Bird Discount!

Dont Get Milked


FIAPO is going big this time! And we mean it literally. Our #DontGetMilked campaign is live with its outdoor hoardings project to spread awareness about the lies of the dairy industry. To improve public consciousness about the ill treatment of cattle in the dairy industry, we thought it would be better to take our campaign to the streets, and put out the message in huge, block letters- a billboard near Select Citywalk, one of the busiest locations in the capitol, with an estimated of 3 lakh eyeballs per day!

 The muffled lies of the dairy industry have been under wraps for long. After successfully marketing themselves by portraying the image of happy cattle getting milked for us, it is high time that the truth be brought to the public’s eye.

We won’t stop here. We are not only expanding the number of billboards in the city, but also taking it pan India! In our next venture, we will take to art to represent the lives of innocent dairy animals.
It won’t be long before the ‘invisible’ suffering of millions of animals will be in the forefront and out in the open for everyone to see!
Stand up for the wrongs of the dairy industry to get the word out-loud and clear- Ditch dairy and go vegan!
Promise Compassion

Kerala Government’s Big Step towards a #RabiesFree Nation!


Setting out to make Trivandrum a model district for animals, FIAPO’s #RabiesFreeKerala movement successfully collaborated with the State Govt.’s Health and Education Department to launch dog bite counselling centres in hospitals and provide mandatory education on dog-bite prevention in government schools across the district.

This one of its kind initiative not only emphasizes on the long term-scientific solution of ABC, but also equally important and immediately effective measures to end the conflict. By way of urgently addressing the issues faced by dog-bite victims- fear of contracting rabies, navigating through neighborhoods without fearing packs of dogs, and post-bite support and assistance, the movement is a huge step in working out the legal, sustainable and humane solutions to the issue at hand.

The victim counselling sessions ensure that dog-bite victims are mandatorily counselled on basic dog behavior-dos and don’ts, treatment, mental help and are followed up with to check progress. These services are already being offered across Trivandrum in General Hospital, Neyyattinkara, Government Hospital Trivandrum, and Taluq Headquarters Hospital, Varkala. Furthermore, the State Education Department has ordered mandatory education on dog-bite prevention in government schools in Trivandrum which is also being carried out in schools across the district.

In future developments, the Rabies Free movement will be expanding its wings to Karnataka, inching one step closer to helping eradicate human-dog conflict.

Join us in building a Rabies Free India by reaching out to the State Govt. in your district to implement victim counseling and education sessions to make the world a better place for dogs as well as humans! Write to us at


Varda Mehrotra,


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)

Government, media and schools come together to spread awareness about the #RabiesFreeKerela movement.


In some of the recent developments of FIAPO’s #RabiesFreeKerala movement, we are happy to welcome the Education Department’s collaboration with the Animal Husbandry Department to educate children about dog-bite prevention.
This association is an important one to eliminate the human dog conflict in the state. With this, the Rabies Free Kerala movement secured permission from the State Education Department, Trivandrum, to conduct educational sessions on dog-bite prevention in government schools. The movement has also garnered the support of local media after conducting a workshop to sensitise them about dog-bite prevention, the myths surrounding it, and responsible reporting of dog bite issues.

Initiated in November 2016 by FIAPO, the #RabiesFreeKerala movement helps create awareness on rabies and dog-bite prevention, and works with the state government to implement effective Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ABC/ARV) Programmes. In the past quarter, the campaign has also actively perused the government for counseling dog-bite victims and communities.


A leading expert in street-dog population management, Mrs. Annie Varghese, from the state Animal Husbandry Department is the resource person for the educational drives in schools. Three such drives have already happened in the recent past.

Another session on dog-bite prevention was conducted in Ambalakkoth, a village in Kozhikode district, Kerala by NSS volunteers. There were 200 people in the audience, and the volunteers also went door to door to speak about how to behave around dogs and about controlling rabies.

The media workshop organised by the movement in Trivandrum recently, involved leading media houses that were not only sensitised, but also requested to responsibly report dog bite cases, spreading the scientific and peaceful resolutions to the human-dog conflict.

You too can join the movement and help make a difference to thousands of innocent lives of both dogs and humans! Build a #RabiesFreeKerala by urging the State Government to Implement Animal Birth Control and Anti- Rabies Vaccination Programmes – Click Here

Why the Animal Rights Movement is More than Fighting for Dogs, Birds and Cows


“Not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here.”
― Anthony Douglas Williams
If one were to define the crux of animal rights, the above quote would be it. This marks a major difference between ‘Animal Welfare’ and ‘Animal Rights’. The seemingly semantic distinction, in reality goes further more into the position on morality regarding the treatment of animals. Animal welfare is the humane treatment of animals; while animal rights is understanding the fundamental rights of non-humans and their intrinsic value – to not be used, labeled, enslaved, branded and exploited. To end the exploitative nature of human-animal relationships, we proudly associate ourselves federating the ‘Animal Rights Movement of India’.

While the animal rights movement can be broadly categorised into ‘Animals farmed for Food and Clothing, ‘Companion Animals’, ‘Animals in Experimentation’ and ‘Animals in Captivity and Entertainment’, it is in no way limited by speciesism. It isn’t confined to raising our voice against the puppy flung from a building, rejoicing at the new dog breeding & pet shop rules, caring for the dogs and cows in distress on the streets, or even the gigantic task of getting ABC and ARV implemented. Animal rights activism is beyond and extended to also bring an end to every use of animals – the infamous dairy and slaughter industries, the experimentation labs, the confining zoos, the humiliating circuses. Backed up with logic and reason, the animals rights viewpoint goes on to understanding the vested interests of political and religious groups in the cattle market muddle, having the foresight to contemplate if the plans to build the supposed sanctuaries for cows are in fact, in the animals’ best interest. The animal rights movement of India exceeds the love for our favourite cat(s) & dog(s) in the locality, or the alleged worship of a certain bovine animal that is sweeping away attention – it also lends thought to the suffering of millions of other animals languishing in equally horrific conditions.

There’s no denying that the human-dog conflict, or the suffering of the birds and reptiles caught up in our modern cities, requires constant attention of the movement today. Fortunately, there are a large number of us who are working on rescue, rehabilitation, and care-giving, running helplines, and shelters, and hospitals and hospices.

But there is also a need to identify and urgently work on other issues that have been ignored for a long time. While we feed stray cattle, more and more cows are abandoned by the dairy industry to die (and we consume their milk); while we rescue street dogs, more and more bitches are kept in harrowing conditions for breeding; while we rescue birds caught in a manjha, a circus owner somewhere is cutting feathers off another bird.

Recognising rights for all can start with something as simple as adopting veganism – as an animal rights activist, to not cause suffering to one animal as we save another. It can also be broadened to work on the significant atrocities caused to animals in the field of dairy, slaughter, experimentation and the pet industries in India, and to be an active voice in the animal rights movement of the country-for all animals, unbiased!

FIAPO’s Largest Veganism Awareness Drive Makes it to Limca Book of Records!

FIAPO’s Living Free has set a record for holding the largest awareness drive for animal rights in Indian history! Featured in the Limca Book of Record 2017, in just 8 short weeks, we reached out to 1.33 lakh people in 12 cities! Our impact measurement studies show that this vegan outreach would have saved 66,500 animals form ending up on people’s plates.
Proudly known as the ‘Compassion Cruisade’, FIAPO’s Living Free Team and Vegan Outreach collectively reached out to people via leafleting, video outreach and one on one talks in Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Chennai. These tried and tested methods not only substantially decreased the consumption of animals in people’s diets, but also helped bring the (mostly) isolated animal rights community spread across the country, together!
This national recognition is a victory for all of us who’ve worked tirelessly through the years to fight for the rights of farmed animals. With this milestone under the belt, we are all set to double our outreach in 2017. Will you join us to set the next big record? Click here

FIAPO Bootcamp 2017 South Zone-Meet the Speakers


As the dates for Bootcamp 2017-South Zone (14th July-16th July) approach, the preparations are in full swing to put up a good show. The aim of the event is to effectively bring together the people in the southern part of India towards a more united, strong and empowered animal rights force. We are delighted to share a little more about what the Bootcamp has in store!
The 3 day weekend residential Bootcamp’s program is divided into 4 tracks, the details of which are available here.There are however, some workshops that all participants attend on common issues like organisation/group development (including managing volunteers), fundraising, communications and more! To aid this, thought leaders in the animal rights movement of India, like Dr. S. Chinny Krishna and Norma Alvares, amongst others, will be sharing their thoughts and engaging with the audiences on:

  • The Vision of an Indian Animal Rights Community
  • Animal Rights Activists: Who are we?
  • Setting the Context: Animal Rights in the South
  • The Indian Animal Rights Movement: What Are We Doing, Why and How?
  • Innovation and Best Practice for your Activism for each individual track
  • Picking, Planning and Running a Successful  Campaign for each individual track

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Though the registrations for the Bootcamp are officially closed, we do have 2 more seats left for the Legal Enforcement Track. Register Now

Stay tuned, for the registrations for North Zone are opening up soon!