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Evolution for a Revolution

The Indian animal rights community is often well-connected in pockets, but mostly, the vast majority of activists are disconnected and isolated. This results in best-practice and training limited to certain pockets.When major events and issues concerning animals arise in India, local activists and NGOs almost always have limited knowledge and few opportunities to participate. This has also resulted in the fate of the national movement being entrusted to few (largely) unknown individuals, with no available information and clarity on what priorities are picked, why, what tactics are developed – and so on. This impacts the richness of the movement by severely limiting the ability of people to be involved, and leadership development itself is completely ignored.

To combat this, we at FIAPO, are calling all animal rights activists to come together and strengthen the animal rights movement further. We dream of a well networked and informed community, where capacity and leadership building happen on an ongoing basis, and a common set of guidelines are followed, governed by compassion and passion for protecting the lives of all sentient beings. We want to help individuals and organisations working for the cause, and empower them to achieve the dream of animal liberation, by connecting everyone through a common platform which will be open to all without any discrimination.

Becoming A Pack Leader!

Our objective is to build an animal rights community in India that will:

  • Be networked/connected – and come together voluntarily
  • Be informed - of issues, priorities, tactics
  • Support leadership development
  • Provide capacity building
  • Adhere to a common set of standards/practices
  • Choose its representation
  • Have stronger engagement across local and national governments
  • Encourage localism
  • Encourage cooperation and sharing of resources
  • Build alliances with other movements
  • Measure impact
  • Celebrate wins
  • Resolve conflicts in a timely manner
  • Be accessible to all

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