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FIAPO organises training workshops and events annually for Indian animal rights activists to come together, learn and network. In 2017-18, we are organising regional events to improve access and ease, and to create a platform that enables activists working in a specific region to come together as a stronger force.

4 weekend residential bootcamps – one for each area (North, South, East and West) are thus being organised, inviting all animal rights activists from that region for a weekend of workshops, discussions on regional (and national) priorities, networking and sharing tools and best-practices.

Where and When?

We are requesting full participation – meaning arriving by Friday morning and leaving on Sunday evening. We want to create a focused learning environment as well as a sense of community.

  • 14-16 July, 2017- South, Bangalore
  • 22-24 Sep, 2017- North, Delhi
  • 15-17 Dec, 2017 –West, Pune
  • 16-18 Mar, 2018 –East, Kolkata

What Can You Expect at These Bootcamps?

  • Weekend residential bootcamp
  • Workshops that all participants attend on common issues like organisation/group development (including managing volunteers), fundraising, communications
  • Specific workshops and discussion sessions according to the track you choose.
  • These 4 tracks are offered
    • ABC, sheltering(small and large animals)
    • Sessions will include: Getting your local MC to set up ABC; running a shelter ensuring good quality of life for animals
    • First-aid and rescue (of all animals).
    • Sessions will include: Components of an on-site first-aid programme; training in rescue of animals other than dogs
    • Vegan Outreach and Humane Education
    • Sessions will include: Building up your group; practices for effective outreach and education
    • Law Enforcement
    • Sessions will include: Overview of laws and agencies that protect animals; how to get authorities to take action
  • Open discussion spaces with all activists of the region to decide and address regional priorities where participants themselves choose the priorities for their regions, aided by facilitators

The Event
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