Do you Buy the Lie?


What’s the LIE?

Modern dairies confine cows. For the dairy business it is less expensive to house more cows in smaller spaces. But for the cows, life is a misery of frustration and depression. Their calves are customarily snatched on Day 1, and if male, than either abandoned or slaughtered. Living in conditions of filth and confinement and deprived of the simple joys of grazing and socialising, cows in dairy farms show signs of physiological and physical illness.

The cows are not the only ones getting Milked

The cows are routinely fed and injected antibiotics which stay in their systems- and in their milk which we drink. This can make us resistant to antibiotics and therefore less able to fight diseases. Though the practice is illegal, cows are often injected with oxytocin and other hormones to stimulate the release of more milk. These hormones often lead to the development of lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

What can you do?

There are a lot of ways in which you can help and not be a part of the cruel dairy industry for example:

 You can sign a pledge to ditch dairy, make your individual contribution and live a guilt free life!
 Share your pledge on your Facebook page
 Follow Living Free and Don’t Get milked on Facebook for all important updates
 Organize Do you Buy the LIE in your city/area! To know how its done visit Do you buy the lie – Activity Description

How can you stop people from buying the lie?

The flow is simple and easy! Just write in to us at and #DontGetMilkedanymore!