End Intensive Dairies


Latest Campaign Update: In the wake of the deaths of over 500 cows at the Hingonia Bovine Animal Rehabilitation centre, Jaipur,  findings from an investigation by FIAPO reveal unparalleled cruelty and inhumane treatment of cows across the state of Rajasthan confirming that the condition of cattle at Hingonia is not an isolated incident. Join us in writing to the Ministry, appealing for take strict action against violations! Sign here.

The last decade has seen a rapid shift within the Indian Dairy Industry. What was once marked by reverence for the animal, is now a busines s based on increasing production that ignores the basic fact that living creatures cannot be treated as machines. This drastic shift towards intensification has wreaked havoc in the lives of the animals, who are now treated as mere units in a production line, as opposed to sentient creatures with natural behaviors and social needs.

End Intensive Dairies is FIAPO’s campaign to bring legislative reform for the welfare of dairy cattle. This campaign is a part of the larger umbrella campaign Farm to Freedom that aims to regulate all animal food industries across India.dairy cattle report

The campaign involves, investigating and bringing to light the state of dairies in India, demanding urgent implementation of existing laws from the government, and adoption of a code of welfare practices (The Dairy Code) to meet minimu welfare for dairy animals in India. Launched in Rajasthan, End Intensive Dairies has investigated 49 dairies –”The state of Dairy Cattle in Rajasthan” unveiling the horrors and gross violations in these dairies.
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