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Dear Friend,
It’s been a month of big shows! Alongwith the grand India for Animals conference (attended by tons of vegans!) the animal protection community welcomed the onset of winters with some big, effective and interesting outreach in the month of October.
So let’s take a look!
#Fastagainstslaughter: 2nd October – the World Day for Farm Animals was marked by honouring and valuing their lives, exploited on a large scale for the food industry. Empathizing with the cause, Altab Hossain from Kolkata set a true example for his parents to quit meat by fasting for a staggering 73 hours! Cities across India followed suit with stories of Chalktivism in Lucknow, protests in Pune and demonstrations in Bangalore! As icing on the (vegan) cake, Altabs’ parents pledged to give up meat!
Chalktivism is still on a roll! – Activists in Lucknow have converted the city into a slate and are writing their message of compassion all over! Delhi, Mumbai and Pune have joined the ride as well and don’t intend to stop till they are heard by everyone! Be it the street of their local area, or the main road, the message to live cruelty free was bold, loud and clear – not your mother, not your MILK!  Now that's a fun and colorful way of reaching out! 
India Stands up for Animals- October was witness to the largest Animal Rights Conference in India! It was an absolute feast to see activists and volunteers from all over India coming together to make earth an equally loving planet for all sentient beings. Talks by stalwarts like Bittoo Sehgal and workshops on various critical issues facing the animal rights community, marked the 3 days. Adding to this was the amazing finger licking vegan food which became a major hit at the conference!
And guess what? Living Free didn’t miss the chance of conducting one of its most effective outreach at the conference as well. We received some amazing response with a lot of people planning to pick up video outreach as a mode of awareness for their cities as well. Now that's awareness ON POINT!
Launching “Do You BUY The LIE?” -On 1st November Living Free launched its National Campaign of the year in 9 cities across the nation. A campaign that is innovative and shares with people the lies they're buying each day - it's been going strong and many more are planning to participate. Hurry up and get yourself on the map too just visit- Do You BUY The LIE?
Outreaching like a pro- Spreading awareness is our business and business is good! Proved very well when Aneeha Patwardhan our brilliant activist from Living Free Pune received the award for commendable outreach at India For Animals Conference this year. It in itself is a feeling of bliss to see, outreach for Farm Animals gaining such recognition and it’s cherry on the top, when it’s someone from our own family! Heartiest congratulations to Aneeha and their pioneering team, from the entire Living Free Community.
Shweta Sood
Senior Campaign Manager
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)