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Dear Friend,
Are you ready for a food tasting challenge?
'Dare to Eat' seeks to bust the misleading myths, expose the blatant lies and tell you the truth about your diet which the animal agricultural industry doesn’t want you to know.
From unspeakable acts of cruelty to unethical methods of preparation, there is a hidden side to the products on our shelves and the actual process of production that our food goes through.

Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating animals and activism, the Living Free Program is back with the 3rd edition of the 'Day of Living Free' and this April we’re all set to jolt your dietary preferences with a food face off!
Learn the Truth, then DARE TO EAT!

Dairy cows live in extremely unhygienic, intensively confined conditions, often knee deep in their own waste. Lack of hygiene leads to a higher cases of mastitis – an infection that ultimately makes your glass of milk a cocktail of blood, pus and hormones.
Chickens in poultry farms are given antibiotics and a constant dose of growth-promoting drugs to compensate for the crowded and unsanitary living conditions that would otherwise kill them.
Egg laying hens are kept in tiny cages with almost no space for movement; their beaks are clipped, injected with antibiotics and starved to keep them in a constant egg producing cycle.
15 cities across India are all set to challenging people’s perception and perspectives about the food they eat, and exposing the otherwise hidden reality of animal farming with the ‘Dare to Eat’ Challenge. So mark your calendar to the 12th of April [%first_name | Default Value%] and join us as we shock and surprise people into making informed choices about the food they eat.
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So what are you waiting for? Let the challenge begin!
Varda Mehrotra
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
Compassionate Cruisade Conquest
Breaking the national record for Farm Animal Rights Outreach the Compassion Cruisade reached out to 1,24,555 people in 12 cities across India; read more about the Cruisade here