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Situating Animal Rights in the UP Conundrum

Years and years of plight for the innumerable cows, buffaloes and other animals in the ILLEGAL slaughter houses panned across the country seems to have taken a centre stage with sudden crackdowns, with Uttar Pradesh electing Adityanath Yogi as the CM. Within hours of his appointment, illegal abattoirs were being shut down in the state.  What animal rights activists have been fighting for years and years, happened in a matter of hours!

The aftermath? Meat sellers in Uttar Pradesh, one of India’s largest meat-producing states, decide to go on an indefinite strike. Even the registered ones (about 41 of them) are feeling the heat because of supply shortage and fear of action by government agencies. They are worried about the impact of this sudden move on their livelihood and their uncertain future. Even the chicken, fish sellers have joined the strike.

This move calls for a more in-depth analysis on what it means for the animals in our country, and more importantly, distinguish politics and religion from the fates of millions of sentient beings who are incoherent of these human derived concepts. FIAPO firmly believes that animal suffering needs to come to an end in recognition of their rights and not let politics or religion dominate the fate of animals. Else, once animals have served their need in the political jigsaw, the exploitation and abuse will continue – and we in the animal rights movement will continue to rue “politics” and “politicians”.

We are rejoicing that with the shutting down of slaughter houses, thousands of animals will live to see another day. That the issue of illegal slaughter has been brought center-stage. That today, animals are at least a part of the conversation. But are animals truly a part of the conversation? 

But do animals matter, or is the agenda – again – being dominated by religion and communities? Are animals mere pawns in a political game? The intrinsic value of animals continues to be ignored – slaughter houses need to close because animals have rights, because animals aren’t a commodity, and animals are certainly not food. When the rights of animals are recognized, that’s when we’ll be celebrating the closing of slaughterhouses. Not today. Not yet.
Varda Mehrotra,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO)

National News

Introducing FIAPO'S Vegan Starter Kit- A Change on Your Plate Can Help Save Millions of Lives
We know how challenging it can be to make a change to a more compassionate, animal-free diet - most new vegans, might find it challenging to skip that cup of coffee every morning or curb the desire for a big slice of chocolate cake. So, we came up with a simple solution to help you switch to a cruelty-free life! Presenting the Vegan Starter Kit!
Animals Aren't Clowns- Voices Resound from Around the World
In a latest development to FIAPO’s national campaign, End Circus Suffering, over 100 national and international organisations have poured letters of protest to the office of Mr. Anil Madhav Dave, the Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to stop the abuse of animals in circuses.


The Giant Refugees are Trumpeting in Agony!
On the outskirts of Bhubaneswar city, Odisha, a herd of wild elephants is caught in simmering conflict with humans. These elephants are regularly harassed and abused as they wander rural lands and degraded forests in search of food.
Networking can be hard, when we don’t know each other! To help us connect, we are delighted to share with you a directory of animal rights organisations in India – its first draft is available here and we will keep growing and adding to it as we come across more NGOs.
The Walk of Shame Towards the Speedy Extinction of the Majestic Cat
In a tragic act of carelessness by the forest officials resulted in the loss of life of yet another endangered tiger.The tiger who was captured around the Corbett Tiger Reserve, passed away due to drug overdose/spinal injuries caused by the industrial machine trying to pick him up. This is the aftermath of 2 labourers being mauled to death by a tiger a couple of days ago- Read More
There also has been news of poachers killing 45 snow leopards in India every year; meaning that the royal member of the cat family could soon face extinction.- Read More
Another sad demise of a 3 year old lion came to news after a goods train hit him near Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, and he later passed away due to major internal injuries- Read More
How to Save Over 1000 Animals Under 10 Hours!
To build a strong voice for animal rights, the easiest way is to get visible and get active in your community – whether you go door-knocking in your neighbourhood, or leafleting at your college or office, or give a talk at your local school. The only way to reach out to more people and get more people to stand up for animals, is for you to talk to people and persuade them! To help budding activists we have come up with a visual guide to ‘Leaflet Like a Pro’, so that you can reach out to people more effectively with the message of cruelty free living!
The Question Still Stands Tall- Does the Government’s Cow Protection Agenda Aid the Animal Rights Movement of India?
To push both dairy farming & cow protectionism, the Modi government has announced a Rs. 5 lakh award for the best kept herds of indigenous or desi cow breeds- Read More 
Following Chief Minister, Gujarat, Vijay Rupani claims to introduce stricter action against those found guilty of cow slaughter in poll-bound Gujarat, the punishment has been enhanced to life term under a more stringent law passed by the state assembly recently- Read More
With India’s Top Muslim Shrine asking for complete ban on sale of "all forms of beef" in the country; FIAPO hopes for a secular progression on the sentience of millions of dairy animals! Read More
Meanwhile, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has stressed on the need for identifying and describing these animal species in order to maintain the original diversity of the country- to conserve and preserve these breeds their disappearance in totality- Read More
In another segment, Assam government has made claims to stop smuggling of cows to Bangladesh from the state by way of security forces had enhanced vigilance along the border- Read More

Local News

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Urges Residents to Adopt Street Dogs
It is great to see the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation taking yet another positive step towards ending human-dog conflict. Not only does the municipal corporation run an anti-rabies programme in addition to an ABC programme, they have now started working with local NGOs to help find homes for street dogs, we certainly find much hope in the claims to have strengthened the sterilization programmes in the city!
It’s immensely gratifying to see the promising change in the tides of the Rabies Free Kerala Movement. This is in line with the launch of FIAPO’s recent study, to understand the perception and behavior of local people about street dogs in Kerala. The study shows 82% believe that dogs, feel pain and suffer, a whopping 87% demanded a peaceful solution to the reported conflict without resorting to killing, putting to rest any reports of the ‘rampant’ problem of bites from street dogs in the state. This further encourages #RabiesFreeKerala’s continual efforts of effectively implementing scientific solutions to manage the human-dog conflict in the state!
Maharashtra Govt. to Follow Tamil Nadu Govt.’s Footsteps- Soon to Introduce a Bill to Restart Bullock Cart Racing! 
The snowball effect of the unfortunate Jallikattu Bill can be seen across the country, with the latest one being Maharashtra! The State Govt. is likely to table a bill in the ongoing budget session of the assembly, seeking to restart bullock cart racing in the state. A Supreme Court bench on May 7, 2014 upheld the notification and consequently bulls were barred from being used during Jallikattu or bullock cart racing.


Take Action

End Circus Suffering has highlighted cruelty to animals in Indian circuses and helped rehabilitate more than 170 animals so far. The campaign has worked with more than 43 organisations and 120 activists in 16 states so far, to develop a complete picture of the abuse of animals in circuses. If you believe that animals aren’t clowns, and should not be used for ‘entertainment’ in circuses, ask Anil Madhav Dave, MoEF&CC, to prohibit the use of animals in circuses by Signing the Petition!

Meet a Member

Welfare of Stray Dogs, Mumbai

Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) is a non-profit trust dedicated to helping street dogs; set up and registered in 1985. It is recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India) and associated with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) UK. Since 1989, they have been carrying out a mass sterilisation programme for street dogs, following the recommendations of the World Health Organisation on rabies eradication and dog population control. Know more about them here:

Know more about them here 

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