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Much to the joy of the animal rights community of India, the MoEFCC’s recent release of 4 new rules under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to regulate dog breeders, animal markets, case property animals and aquariums & pet shops that sell fish has caused an upheaval. The radical retaliations pertain not only to the sale of animals for slaughter, but also on the impact on the leather and dairy industry. And though we aren’t fans of animal protection motivated by politics or religion, we are glad that for once, the open secret of the links between the dairy, beef and leather industries, is in the limelight.   
Involved in the public consultation process, FIAPO had earlier provided comment to strengthen these rules and so far - the Center has stood by its position of the cattle market rules being put in place to curb illegal trafficking and preventing the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter at markets. However, the Madras High Court has granted a stay on this, but, orders from Kerala HC and Rajasthan HC are encouraging, with a judgment from Rajasthan recommending that the cow should be recognized as a legal entity (and also declared a national animal). We are celebrating that with the new rules, buffaloes (for once) are getting the same level of protection as cows, and that the Rajasthan judgment recommends personhood for cows.
But while the pursuit for political and religious supremacy continues, we are sorely disappointed with the blind eye towards a major contributing cause- consumption of dairy and leather. Why are most Indians and the current governing party still turning a blind eye to the fact that the only way to truly save the Gauvansh is to stop using products derived from them? What is really going to happen to the animals that are no longer producing milk? If they are to be sent to the so-called “huge gaushalas” that are yet to be built, who is going to take the responsibility of monitoring what really happens inside these facilities? Are we setting a time bomb that will very soon explode, paving way for more Hingonias? Pulling them out from the miserable slaughterhouses and dumping them into the endless sufferings of Gaushalas, shelters and roads with plastic in their bellies?
The slaughter issue has captured the nation’s imagination –even if it is more focused on religion and politics.  So, we are calling on every Indian animal rights activist to do what we do all do best – focus on the animals. The rules regulating the breeding industry aren’t receiving any public attention, but that doesn’t reduce their significance.  We have all waited for years for a way to regulate the growing trade in dogs and other pets  – and at FIAPO we are concerned that while everyone is paying attention to the market rules and slaughter, the dogs and other animals caught up in the breeding industry are being forgotten. This is a crucial time for us as a community to prepare; to be aware of all possibilities that lie ahead of us and strike when the iron is hot – before the opposition to the breeding regulations gets stronger! If we don’t fortify right now to end the suffering of thousands of puppies and dogs and fish (in addition to cows and bulls and buffaloes) the efforts of our community to bring the rules to the present will be moot.
And so, the single most important thing to do now is to ensure that all the boards, committees and the required infrastructure is in place. Here’s a full list extracted from all the new rules, along with all the information and links you’ll need to have the aforementioned set up. Armed with these, contact your local authorities at the earliest and get started! If you need assistance, write to us at
Start today – let us not fail our companions and put up a united front for the justice of animals.
Varda Mehrotra,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO)

National News

With the new rule imposed by Centre to ban market trade of bovine animals continues to hold attention with developments every day. While Gujarat’s largest Muslim ghetto of Juhapura has proposed to set-up a modern bovine shelter, there is news of celebrations of a vegetarian Ramadan by The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh’s Muslim wing in Uttar Pradesh. Read More
Meanwhile, discomforts and allegations on this regulation are pouring from all directions of India; West BengalKeralaMadurai.
Supporting the new rules, the Rajasthan HC has proposed that cow be declared as a national animal.
Amidst this, AWBI has released statements noting that the new cattle rules are not only in the benefit of the animals, but also the farmers in the long run.
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The Cruel Shahotoosh Trade: HC seeks Govt. Response!
A plea for a probe into the trading of Shahtoosh shawls to prevent extinction of the endangered Tibetan antelope whose wool is used to make them, has prompted the Delhi High Court to seek the responses from the Centre and city government. 
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3 Medical Colleges Lead the Way to Eliminate Animal Dissection!
Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College Kangra and Indira Gandhi Medical College in Himachal Pradesh, along with Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Aligarh have adopted the latest cruelty-free education mechanism for medical students by retiring animals used for dissection.
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Take Action

People of Jaipur are getting together with Jaipur-FAPO to #StopIllegalSlaughter! We are working with the Food Safety Commissioner, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation and local activists to improve implementation of existing regulation on the rearing, transport and slaughter of animals in the city.

Take action to put an end to the illegal slaughter in your city by writing to us at

Local News

This Ain’t a Stray Matter – Human-Dog Conflict in Maharashtra Kerala and Tamil Nadu
Recently 14 street dogs were found dead in Kothrud, Pune, the activists suspected foul play, leading to official investigation and ultimately filing of an FIR! Read More
A fisherman was attacked by dogs in Kerala (fatally) in a tragic incident. But we are delighted that the local authorities did not revert to killing. Read More
We are now working with the Urban Development department and AH department to start ARV, and dog-bite prevention education and set up a state-level ABC monitoring committee. 
In other news, after the unsuccessful initiatives to reduce the dog population in Srinagar, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation ( SMC) has now approached the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) seeking funds for canine sterilization.
Human-Wildlife Conflict Sees New Lows
Reports of elephant meat consumption in parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have raised the hackles of forest officials and wildlife activists. Read More
But some good news - to reduce the conflict in Bengal, elaborate scheme has been devised by the Bengal Forest department to construct toilets for the people living in forests and adjoining areas.

While in another part of Bengal, nine alleged poachers, including a Bhutan national and four Assam residents, were arrested by the forest department from Alipurduar district, Siliguri for poaching leopard skin. Read More       
Bombay High Court tells BMC to Stop the Illegal Sale of Exotic Birds and Animals
Crawford market in Bombay has attracted attention and effort from almost every activist and NGO. We are delighted that the Bombay High Court has directed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and local police to act on complaints of illegal sale of birds and animals in the city and ensure it is stopped.
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Meet a Member

Welfare for Animals in Goa is an NGO dedicated to rescuing animals in need; founded in 2012. They run various adoption schemes for re-homing abandoned animals, actively monitor beaches and run feeding programmes to reach starving cats and dogs during the monsoon season. Recently, they even opened a small clinic for neutering street cats and dogs and bull calves in addition to their cow shelter. To make their work more environmental friendly, WAG also has installed one of North Goa’s first Bio Gas Plant.
Know more about them here. 

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To take the message of compassionate living to many more and expose the reality of the dairy industry, we are soon coming to the streets of the capital with the #DontGetMilked Campaign. Look out for these brightly colored autos if you’re in Delhi. Coming soon to your city! 
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