Nature lays out a path for all animals to live. Young ones slowly learn the skills of survival; fending for food, persisting bad weather and perceiving danger, to name a few. Animals in circuses however, show none of these natural skills. An elephant standing on two legs, dogs jumping through hoops of fire –are unnatural acts for any animal.  When you pay to see an animal perform in a circus, you are paying to see an act that has been made perfect with unending hours of suffering.

Animals matter in their own right , and to use animals for our own entertainment is unacceptable.

FIAPO is leading a campaign to end the use of animals in circuses across India. Join our campaign by signing the pledge and participating in actions when a circus using animals visits an area near you. Activists and organisations have joined FIAPO’s campaign from across the country, and together, we have rescued animals from 7 circuses across India. For more details about the circuses, please click here.

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I pledge to boycott all circuses with animals and will not visit any facility  that enslaves animals. By doing so, I will hinder the growth and popularity of these institutions and generate awareness amongst others, thus helping in freeing all the animals from suffering cruelty.

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From captive to care-free, from sorrow to sanctuary, FIAPO’s campaign is dedicated to freeing all circus animals from servitude. We are educating all facets of the public, from ministers to school children, about the needs of circus animals, the conditions they face in captivity, and the ethics of keeping animals abused and tortured.

Please make a donation today to give the gift of freedom to the remaining circus animals in India.  One act of kindness can change a life. Your support will ensure we are able to continue our vital work of ending circus suffering in India.