Life in a circus is often a routine of boredom, stress and pain for animals. Unnatural conditions of captivity, perpetual animal cruelty, abysmal standards of care and constant travel encompass the lives of these animals. Learn more about the issues and why animals do not belong in circuses here.
Latest Campaign Update: Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) recommends stopping use of animals in circuses. Read the advisory here.
The momentum to end animal captivity is growing everyday - are you a part of it?

Click above to read FIAPO’s investigation report on EndCircusSuffering!

India has 53 traveling circuses with 560 animals, including 52 elephants,137 exotic birds and other domestic animals like dogs,horses and camels.These animals are subject to harsh training from a young age using negative conditioning of torture and punishment.

They are forced to perform unnatural tricks and maneuvers, some of which put their life and health at risk. Circus animals show telltale signs of physical and psychological trauma with open wounds and chronic deformities.Such cruelty to animals is illegal, as is the use of animals by many circuses, which do it without necessary license from the government.

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) in its investigation of 16 animal circuses, discovered shocking evidence of cruelty to circus animals all over the country. The investigations brought to light the plight of circus animals- broken bones; infectious diseases; incapacitated limbs; permanent physical and mental disorders. These animals, who could barely walk, were being forced to perform tricks. Based on these facts, read the report here, the Federation demanded the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) to put an end to all animal shows in circuses.

End Circus Suffering is a national campaign to stop suffering of all animals in circuses. FIAPO works with partner organisations to end the use of animals in circuses by lobbying the Government and local authorities ,raising awareness generating public opinion and initiating direct action. In a short span of time ,we have rescued 167 animals from 13 circuses across India because of the active and continuous support of  114 activists, from 45 organisations across 18 states.

join movement to end sufferingThe interest taken by animal rights advocates on the issue of circuses in India is growing each day. We’re at the brink of a young but growing movement that is quick to gather momentum. It is in response to this need that the ‘End Circus Suffering’ campaign was launched. So far, our work with grassroots organisations and government agencies has resulted in 17 circuses being legally disallowed to perform with animals.The collective impact of our work is completely dependent on the passion and drive of activists across the country.

Join the Campaign and sign the petition: Appeal the Minister of Environment and Forests to ban the use of all animals in circuses, because animals are not clowns and forcing them to do tricks is not entertainment. Raise your voice to end circus cruelty in India. Sign the petition here.

Report a Circus: If you see a circus visiting your town performing with animals, write to us and we’ll help you take action! Many circuses in India are not allowed to perform with animals, so if  any of these circuses visits your town, inform us at circus@fiapo.org.

Organise a demonstration:   Send a message out to the public and the government by holding a peaceful demonstration in your city. Simply write to us at circus@fiapo.org and we’ll help you plan the whole event!

Get the word out: Write a letter to your local government body asking them to not permit camping of any circuses in your town. Here’s a sample letter.

Donate:  From captive to care-free, from sorrow to sanctuary, FIAPO’s campaign is dedicated to freeing all circus animals from servitude. We are educating all facets of the public, from ministers to school children, about the needs of circus animals, the conditions they face in captivity, and the ethics of keeping animals abused and tortured.

Please make a donation today to give the gift of freedom to the remaining circus animals in India.  One act of kindness can change a life. Your support will ensure we are able to continue our vital work of ending circus suffering in India.


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This project is supported by Born Free Foundation, Help in Suffering and Four Paws.