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On the occasion of Bakrid, the AWBI has directed all states to prevent illegal sacrifice of animals. Help us implement this in your city. Click here to read the order.

‘Walking down the local market, I see a chicken pecking on the wire mesh of his cage. Stuck there with 7 other birds, barely moving, he seems to be breathing heavily. His feathers, plucked out by the other birds leave his skin bare, vulnerable to bloody wounds due to rubbing against the mesh. He has some trouble balancing his weight, curious, I venture forth to take a closer look – the stench of fecal matter all around is nauseating,there’s no food or water, and the gouging eyes show a lifetime of pain and suffering – almost awaiting a quick death through this journey of hell.’

Rucha Mehta, Jaipur Stop Illegal Slaughter Campaigner

FIAPO advocates and works to end animal exploitation – and the largest number of animals impacted are those raised for food. While we reach out to the public to go Vegan, we also actively work with enforcement agencies to provide better protection of animal rights in current systems of production. An investigation of the meat shops of Jaipur revealed deplorable conditions, with food, water, shelter all being denied to animals. Thousands of animals are slaughtered illegally due to a lack of effective implementation of laws and regulations. It’s an absolute abuse of animal rights, whereas human health too is kept at stake by neglecting food safety laws. To put an end to this endless injustice to animals and violations, FIAPO has started the ‘STOP ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER’ campaign. The aim of this campaign is to enable grassroots activists to act on farmed animal issues and provide respite to animals living in such conditions through working with various authorities ranging from the Municipal Corporation, the Police, the Pollution Control Board, as well as the Food Safety and Standards Authority. The campaign strategy is effective implementation of laws safeguarding animal rights and controls the unhygienic conditions causing risk of human health. Impacting Hundreds of Lives, everyday: Today, 12 months later, working in collaboration with the Food Safety and Standards Authority, the farm animals of Jaipur fare much better. In this time, we have covered more than 70% of Jaipur, inspecting and regulating a plethora of meat and chicken shops across the city, leading to the destruction of meat and the rescue of several animals. Continuous follow ups have meant permanent changes and marked improvements in the living conditions of the animals, and activities such as illegal slaughter having now been completely stopped. Join The Campaign: After 12 months of inspection and research, Piloting the campaign is Jaipur also gave us the blueprint for the path to follow and we are now looking forward to launching the campaign across India! You can start a ‘STOP ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER’ campaign in your own city and bring change in the lives of thousands of Farm Animals. Email us at  and we will help you to take action against meat and chicken shops in your city.   changes-485x1024

   Expanding our Work

Presented as a successful example of an institutional campaign during the National Living Free Bootcamp  – the campaign sought an instant buy-in from enthusiastic activists across India. Piloting the campaign is Jaipur also gave us the blueprint for the path to follow and we are now looking forward to launching the campaign across India! To begin with, we will be launching the campaign in Chennai and Coimbatore – all with the help and support of our young brigade of activists.