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Protecting People and Protecting Dogs in Kerala: A State-Wide Campaign for Community Based Anti-Rabies Vaccination and Dog-Bite Prevention


Street dogs are an integral part of our society and the urban ecosystems .They are sentient beings who have enriched our lives with their companionship for many generations, and their right to a life free of pain is endorsed by the Indian constitution.

However, human-dog conflict has been on the rise in Kerala for several years, resulting from an increasing street dog population in the absence of an Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, and factors like irresponsible waste disposal and illegal meat shops. The rising conflict has led to displacement of dogs from their territories and unethical and cruel killing of dogs, which are in clear violation of Supreme Court orders and Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001.

FIAPO believes that the relationship between humans and dogs can be a harmonious one, based on scientifically proven, legally sanctioned, and socially relevant conflict management strategies. Rabies Free Kerala thus has the following objectives:

• ABC-ARV with local organisations and government
• Education and outreach on dog bite prevention
• Law enforcement against dog killing

Under the campaign, FIAPO is working with partner organisations, local activists, government officials and the media to ensure that animal-birth control, anti-rabies vaccinations and education-awareness programmes on human-dog relations take place in a systematic and regular manner throughout the state.

#RabiesFreeKerala has secured the support of:

Minister for Local-Self Government Administration, Government of Kerala-Dr. K.T.Jaleel

Minister for Local Administration, Government of Kerala-Dr. K.T.Jaleel
Malyinkeezhu Panchayat for ABC-ARV drives
Neyyatinkara Panchayat for ABC-ARV drives
Kerala Government Veterinary Officers’   Association (KGVOA) for ABC-ARV
12 local orgaisations for public engagement on dog bite prevention across the state
Suchitwa Kerala Mission and Indian Veterinary Association (IVA)
• Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) for school outreach



With overwhelming positive response from all over the state, the media has also supported us with positive coverage of the campaign.

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While we are undertaking determined efforts across the state to vaccinate dogs with qualified personnel, FIAPO appeals to you to support the mammoth task of transforming the outlook of people towards street dogs.

Help us create a Rabies Free Kerala.Ask the State Government to implement Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination Programmes- Click here

If you’re in Kerala, join us as an NGO, or an individual activist, or recommend someone you know to conduct weekly ARV and dog-bite prevention education drives.

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