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FIAPO petitions successfully for a Supreme Court stay on Jallikattu, but the threat still looms.

In a shocking move, the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change, in January 2016, passed a notification allowing the use of bulls in Jallikattu and other similar ‘cultural’ events. This was in contravention of the 2014 Supreme Court order banning the use of bulls in such events. FIAPO stepped up to the challenge of keeping the animals free from abuse and petitioned the Supreme Court against this notification. The court, in what can be termed as the greatest victory against state sanctioned cruelty to animals, has stayed the notification. See Supreme Court order: Order dated 12.01.2016 and Order dated 13.01.2016

However, while animal protectionists all over the country are rejoicing, FIAPO continues to keep a watchful eye on potential violation of the court order. Despite the stay, Jallikattu events are being organized in different parts of the country, and FIAPO is coordinating with organisations nationwide to stop the events from taking place. We have set up a helpline (09632129381) where people can whatsapp reports, photos and videos based on which we will file police complaints to prevent any such events taking place. We are also preparing for the long legal battle challenging the government permission to hold such events.  

To succeed, we must urgently raise Rs.10,00,000 to cover the cost of the legal battle ahead. Please make a donation today to save bulls destined for unimaginable cruelty. 

What is Jallikattu?

Jallikattu is a barbaric activity and it is impossible for it to not torture the bulls.  Engulfed by screaming crowds, these frightened and terrified animals are chased, punched, jumped on, goaded and poked with sharp sticks and dragged to the ground. In such “bull taming festivals” bulls have known to have their eyes gouged out, tails snapped and ears torn. Such “sports” are perpetuated under the guise of a cultural tradition. In this day and age sensibility needs to prevail and we cannot let this heinous “festival” be brought back to life.

How can you help?

FIAPO needs your support to implement the court’s stay. Keep an eye out for any bull taming events in your area and report them to the following number 96321 29381, as soon as you get to know about them.  Here’s a handy guide to help you kick start work at the ground level in case of a possible event.

If you hear of the event in advance

  1.  Approach the District collector and district police chief with information about the impending event along with a copy of the Supreme court order of 2014 as well as of 12 January 2015.
  2.  Submit a letter emphasising that it is the duty of the district collector to ensure that the SC’s orders are implemented, otherwise he will be liable for contempt of court.
  3.  Send (whatsapp) a scan of the letter to 09632129381 so that we can follow it up.

If you are unable to prevent it and have a chance to be present while the event happens

  1. Carefully video record the proceedings taking care to ensure that maximum people present at the event are recognisable in the video. Make sure you show the latest newspaper somewhere in the video to counter any arguments of it being old footage.
  2. File an FIR against the organisers and include in it names of as many people as possible that can be seen in the video. Also, in the video, include the owner of the land where the race takes place. If it is owned by village or Zila Panchayat then include the names of the chairman and secretary. If you can’t find names, designations will be enough. Find out the names of participants and include it. Insist that the police conducts a ‘Panchnama’ to establish the identity of all the people visible in your video. Include this request in your FIR.
  3.  Send the video and a scan of the FIR to 09632129381

 Please make a donation today to save bulls destined for unimaginable cruelty.