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Jallikattu is a barbaric activity and it is impossible for it to not torture bulls. Engulfed by screaming crowds, these frightened and terrified bulls are chased, punched, jumped on, goaded and poked with sharp sticks and dragged to the ground. In such “bull taming festivals” bulls have known to have their eyes gouged out, tails snapped and ears torn. Such “sports” are perpetuated under the guise of a cultural tradition that takes place usually between January – February each year.

The state of Bulls abused in Jallikattu and other forms of entertainment is not only cruel but is inhuman on many levels. Bulls are sentient, humble beings that deserve a life devoid of such brutal conduct. In this day and age, sensibility needs to prevail and we cannot let this heinous “festival” be alive and running. To this end, apart from legal action, FIAPO has also set up helplines, generated international interest in the issue, to push for a call to action against the barbarous practice.

The Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change, in January 2016, passed a notification allowing the use of bulls in Jallikattu and other similar ‘cultural’ events. This was in contravention of the 2014 Supreme Court order banning the use of bulls in such events. FIAPO stepped up to the challenge of keeping the animals free from abuse and petitioned the Supreme Court against this notification. The court, in what can be termed as the greatest victory against state sanctioned cruelty to animals, has stayed the notification.

These gentle bulls need your help. Ending this misery can only be done with your help and support. Click here  to know how you can contribute to keep the Ban on Jallikattu forever.

Please make a donation today to save bulls destined for unimaginable cruelty.