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Isolation and disconnection are two of the biggest factors that can damage any movement, even in India, where there is a long standing history of compassion and animal welfare. Individuals – and organisations have been working in the area and components of animal rights for all animals. However, the movement is fragmented, with little coordinated action and reducing its impact.

To form greater connectivity in smaller groups and boost such movements FIAPO has launched and enabled the work of smaller, local federations of animal protection groups with a fixed geographic or thematic focus. So far, these associations are within reach to share problems, express ideas, inform, strategize and identify areas where coalition is possible on local as well as national level. Keeping all these in mind, we have successfully formed five federations across nation:

Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organizations

Greater Mumbai Federation of Animal Protection Organizations

Varanasi Federation for Animal Protection

Kerala Federation of Animal Protection Organizations

Pune Federation of Animal Protection Organizations

We also contact and research all existing groups in a target city. If the city’s history of activism and the presence of activists justifies it, we bring groups and people together to encourage a more unified voice for animals.

Write to us at to start a federation in your city


Training and support

Conducting workshops has been our principal mode of filling knowledge gaps within member organisations. FIAPO is among a handful of other non-government organisations facilitating such training. FIAPO has trained hundreds of activists in issues like street animal rescue and first aid; captive elephant welfare and management; animal rights; and effective animal adoptions.

As a part of our movement building initiative, FIAPO provides grants to individuals and organisations to conduct Vegan outreach activities. So if you’re looking forward to spread the word of living free but are pressed for funds, our quick grants scheme is here to help you.

India for Animals

India for Animals is India’s biggest animal networking conference, bringing together the best minds of the national and international animal movement. The conference happens every 18 months, and the last conference saw participation from more than 400 activists across the country. The conference provides room for networking and working collaboratively with each other. Sessions are also held on topics of interest and capacity building workshops on areas that commonly affect all organisations across India, such as adoptions, fundraising etc. For more information on the IFA, click here.

Member organisations and Network

FIAPO is now associated with over 70 member organisations across the country, in addition to an active network of individual activists in more than 20 cities across India. These individuals and organisations work on a diverse set of issues across the nation at the grassroots level. It is the aim of FIAPO to build the collective strength of these organisations through capacity building initiatives.


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