Local federations function as autonomous bodies, strategizing to share information, ideas and best practices, and to work collectively to address larger issues at the city level as needed. For example, the Jaipur federation conducted independent research and based on empirical data, produced the Pet Shop Report. The local federation presently uses the report as the primary tool to advocate for the regulation of the pet trade in the city, which has been taken as a priority.

Greater Mumbai Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (GM-FAPO)
The Greater Mumbai Federation is the latest addition to the list of local federations. Started in the month of April, 2015, the federation was formed after realising the true potential that a collective could serve to the end motivation of all animal rights organisations. Still taking baby steps, the federation recently met to decide a common agenda for action in Mumbai.

Jaipur Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (J-FAPO)
The local federation in Jaipur was launched in 2012, prior to which, word-of-mouth information suggested the presence of only two to three organisations. But research revealed 10 organisations working on various small and large programmes for protecting the interests of animals. Without knowing about each other, they lost out on the power of meeting and communicating. By 2014 and after 16 months of FIAPO’s movement building assistance, many issues have been resolved by building connections between activists. J-FAPO includes 13 member organisations. One of the pioneering initiatives of the local federation is organizing the fist vegan festival of the country- Compassionate Living Festival.

Pune Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (P-FAPO)
The Pune Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (PFAPO) was launched in 2013, after activists from Pune attended a workshop by the Jaipur federation at India for Animals (IFA) conference 2012, and expressed a strong desire to form a similar collective. Prior to its formation meetings of animal rights groups were rare but since the formation of PFAPO work with the local municipal corporation has been initiated and as a result of their vigilance, the municipal ABC operates with, arguably, the most transparency of any in India. P-FAPO is a collective of seven animal welfare organisations.

Kerala Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (K-FAPO)
Animal protectors all over the country had been projecting a grim picture of Kerala, but there was no actual research done on the status of the movement. FIAPO conducted an initial study to find out if the state of animals and that of activism in Kerala was as bad as imagined. It suggested that the two main areas of concern were street dog management and captive elephant welfare. K-FAPO, formally launched in 2013, began with four member organisations and 16 individual members and conducted their first dog bite prevention awareness drive in the state with the participation of 6 organisations and in partnership with the veterinary council.

Varanasi Federation
 Started in November, 2014 this aims to improve the condition of street dogs in Varanasi by treating them on the street itself. The concept of a FAPO working on a single species is a new, and makes this FAPO unique in its own way. This collective is still in its collaborative stage where meetings and discussions are taking place to grow the movement in Varanasi.

Apart from our federative work, we also have an active network in more than 38 cities across India. For assistance and work in these cities, please click here.