Ending Camel Slaughter
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Victory! Rajasthan enacts laws to protect Camels!

The Rajasthan State Assembly recently passed a landmark bill for protecting camels. The bill prohibits slaughter and regulates the transport of animals outside the state with strict punishment for violations – up to 5 years in prison and a fine of twenty thousand rupees!  Camels were being walked up to as much as 2000 kilometers to states as far as Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, only to be brutally slaughtered. The camels that escaped this death march were smuggled in trucks, tossed on top of each other, to UP and Haryana for slaughter.  As a result, the population of camels reached an abysmal low of 3 lakhs, from 1 million in just over 20 years.

Prior to this, the government had granted upon the camel the status of being a heritage animal in the State of Rajasthan. Thanks to support of activists like across India, and  the efforts of several organisations across the sectors of animal protection, culture, heritage and media – camels today are safe! Rajasthan has proved itself to be a model of good governance for animals!


The Government of Rajasthan has taken the first step to protect camels by declaring them a heritage animal and by enacting laws to protect them! We applaud the Government of Rajasthan and CM Vasundra Raje for such a progressive statement. . To show our support  to the government, and to ensure that laws enacted are followed and implemented,  FIAPO’s local federation in Jaipur  has launched a vigilance campaign that kick-started by a public demonstration in July,2014 to thank CM Vasundra Raje and to ask for the law to be enacted urgently.

Please submit your comments at mail@fiapo.org to tell us what more can be done to save the camel from extinction in India!