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As I write this, my communications are abuzz with more cities resorting to an SOS human-dog conflict situation – cases of possible dog bites and resulting dog deaths or displacement in Barielly, Amritsar, Lucknow – all just in one week.
We all feel deeply aggrieved over the lost lives- humans and dogs. But I despair over the vigilantes who seem to take the ‘an eye for an eye’ approach by ruthless culling of every dog they can lay their eyes upon. And though like so many of us, the first animal I ever truly loved was a dog, I am also frustrated by the dog lovers who deny the existence of this conflict. There’s a path in the middle we must take, finding solutions balancing both variables in this equation – humans and dogs, alike.
While effective ABC and ARV is needed for dogs, dog-bite prevention programmes are needed for people too. Working on a multi-pronged, holistic approach provides long and short-term solutions to address this rising conflict across India.
Human-dog conflict has been most magnified in Kerala – and so we launched our state-wide campaign--Rabies Free Kerala-- engaging with the government, communities, NGOs and the media in 2016. The thrust of the effort is to parallely work on enabling effective ABC with the local government, engaging communities to prevent dog-bites, and engaging with the media to present the dog-side of the story.
With the enormous efforts of our partners, the movement has already secured the support of the Minister of Urban Development and nearly 10 local bodies (municipalities and panchayats). The media has started to regularly present a more balanced view, and lakhs of people have been educated busting dog-bite myths.
Of course despite all our efforts, dog-killings sometimes still happen. Amidst such anti-dog hysteria, it’s particularly important to remember the wonderfulness of dogs, and how they are relying on us to resolve conflicts - with love, not death. From the Ghats of Varanasi, to the galis of Jaipur, we have found that peaceful, friendly ways to end conflict work best.  Always with people - not confrontationally, but collaboratively. 
By collaborating we can—and I believe we will—see a day when dog protectors far outweigh those stray people who have missed the obvious: that dogs are, indeed, humanity’s best friends.
Varda Mehrotra,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO)

National News

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Latest stats show that the 8.5% rise in the consumption of dairy and meat has shot the methane levels, while the anti-biotic supply through milk consumption seems to be here to stay. Meanwhile, Amul plans to introduce camel to the list of dairy cattle.
The Tale of the Cat-astrophic
Science Experiment for Young
School Children!
Planting the seeds of love & compassion, early on in childhood is necessary. Recently, a horrific incident of a lethal cat experiment in a textbook for 9 year olds came to light, creating global uproar; FIAPO took to action. The publication apologised and CBSE decided to review the textbooks of private publishers.
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The day everyone thought was one of the darkest times in animal rights history of India, was in fact, the day the movement shone the brightest. Our beliefs stronger than before, our minds untamable by the law governing our treatment towards animals.
Central Zoo Authority&
ChildrenUrge MoEF&CC to
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It’s a moment to stop and applaud the hard work of many a people who have gotten a Government authority- CZA to lend its supports to #EndCircusSuffering for elephants, and to ensure their rehabilitation.
Other Side of the Booming Pet Adoption Industry
The pet industry is booming, and there is significant opposition to the proposed Pet Shop Rules – as a protest at Jantar Mantar recently revealed. While animal rights movement's focus continues to be dominated by street dogs, we are waiting to see the impact the pet shop rules will have on the millions of animals suffering in homes as ‘pets’

Local News

The Rise & Rise of Human-Wildlife Conflict
We know that if there’s not enough forest and grassland because of growing human presence and exploitation of land, the future of wildlife is grim whether there are barriers or not. Here’s a round up of stories from all parts of the country -north-east, Odisha, Rajasthan. But meanwhile, on World Widlife Day, poaching trophies were destroyed at Delhi Zoo to mark the end of the gruesome trade in animals.
The Relationship Between Yellow Journalism and the Human-Dog Conflict
Open your eyes wide and look as far as you can see- not just what the media wants to one-sidedly fog you with. The human-dog conflict is increasing in the same manner as our rationality and sense of reasoning is decreasing.  Dog-conflict on the rise in Amritsar, Bareily and Lucknow.
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Hats off to days and nights of immense hard work by Living Free Pune for having pulled off another successful year of The Pune Vegan Fest!  Read more to know about why it is slowly becoming one of the most talked about festivals of the country.

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