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FIAPO-Our Journey so Far
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As the end of the year draws upon us, we at FIAPO take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the vision behind India’s animal protection federation – that of enhancing the overall framework of animal protection and supporting grassroot NGOs and activists. While we have had many breakthroughs in 2017, none of them would have been possible without the support our members and collaborators. There are exciting plans lined up for 2018 and we hope to bring about a paradigm shift in the animal protection framework and look for new ways to enhance the impact of India’s vast network of NGOs and individual activists. Looking forward to working with you towards breaking new ground for animals in 2018. 
Arpan Sharma,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
National News
Vegan Bonanza at Cocoberry!
This Christmas, FIAPO and Cocoberry are joining hands to launch a vegan yogurt in Delhi-NCR Cocoberry stores. This association is a part of FIAPO’s Corporate Outreach campaign where businesses that produce consumables by using animal products, are encouraged to use cruelty-free ingredients. The idea is to steer a shift in Indian consumption patterns by using cruelty-free ingredients in commercial yogurt. FIAPO seeks to work closely with Cocoberry to increase vegan options on its menuRead More
Fed up With Delays, 26-Year-Old Creates App That Helps Rescue Animals in Real Tim
To overcome the increasing deaths of dogs on the street due to the lack of proper facilities, 26 year old Yash has created a mobile application, where you can immediately get in touch with vets, ambulances and NGOs in real time to help the animal. We salute this initiative, and are also propagating First-Aid training programmes for such injured dogs on-site, so they can be helped on the street itself. Read More
Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) - The VetTrain Program
The VetTrain Program was launched by Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) in 2009, in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Board of India and the Ministry of Environment & Forests (Government of India), to provide clinical training to veterinary personnel. VBB has established a pool of volunteer trainers willing to travel to animal welfare projects run by VBB Partner Organisations around the world, to deliver VETTRAIN courses to veterinarians and veterinary nurses working with these projects.
Supporting the Lies of the Dairy Industry
With milk production rising from 137.7 million tonnes in 2013-14 to 164 million tonnes in 2016-17, India has now, for 15 years held the position of the largest milk producer. Focused on increased production and profitability, various schemes have been initiated with an outlay of over 10881 crore –between increasing profits and production – the animals stand more oppressed than ever before. Read More
And while schemes are doing their bit to push production – the rapid shift in technology is now creating ripples in the agrarian community with increased focus on genomics, which will help track production rate while the cows are forcefully impregnated with a ‘better quality’ bull’s semen.  Read More
Using Animals for Our Motives
The central government has initiated moves to withdraw its controversial notification banning sale of cattle for slaughter in livestock markets. They will bring an amended version specifying dos and don’ts intended to prevent cruelty to animals and address safety and hygiene issues. Read More
While this move is not going down well with animal activists in India, the Ministry has gone a step further and withdrawn the notification about the regulation of aquarium and fish tank shops. 
Local News
Villagers kill leopard after it mauls a woman to death in India’s Assam state
A leopard was killed by angry residents after it mauled to death an elderly woman in India’s north-eastern state of Assam, officials said. According to wildlife officials, the leopard had accidentally ventured into the village from nearby forest area possibly in search of food. This incident points to the pressing need to look for creative solutions to the issue of human-animal conflict such as implementation and creation of stronger laws by the forest department in the short run and a reduction of mass urbanisation and denudation of forests in the long run.  Read More
Stray animals continue to haunt Jagraon residents
Wandering of stray cattle has led to the death of two individuals in separate accidents because farmers leave their cattle to stray on the highways after using them for milk. These are only a few instances of people being killed or getting injured due to stray cattle on highways in the area. In the past, too, many people have lost their lives while several others were injured by stray animals on roads, including the Ludhiana-Ferozepur national highway.  Read More
Enthusiasm abounds for furry friends
With an intention to find loving families for abandoned stray dogs and cats, an adoption drive was organised by VOHA Welfare Society in collaboration with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation authorities at the Zoroastrian Club. As many as 40 families welcomed their new companions, and hundreds of animal lovers thronged the premises to show their support for the noble cause. 
Now, full day safari at Jhalana
On the lines of Ranthambhore National Park, now Jhalana forest has launched a full day safari from December 2017. Spread over 21 sq km east of Jaipur, the Jhalana forest area is said to have 20-25 leopards. Located barely 3.5 km from the Jaipur International Airport, the forest, over the years has become a favourite leopard sighting destination. While tourism plays an important role in creating awareness about our ecosystems, what we should also keep in mind is the disturbance it creates for animals. Read More
Pune gets first scientific census for stray dogs
With the increasing complexity in the relationship of street dogs and humans, ResQ Charitable Trust, run by Neha Panchamiya, along with Dr Avi Vanak, from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Bengaluru; have collaborated to conduct the first ever scientific population census of these dogs. Read More
Take Action
In an effort to end farm animal suffering, FIAPO seeks to work closely with large food and beverage companies to either replace animal products or increase vegan options. Through this campaign, we aim to initiate a significant and lasting impact on the suffering of Farmed Animals and cause industry wide tectonic shifts by setting compassionate norms.
Baskin Robbins is one such company that we have contacted, which is not responding to our request. We can all stand up and be a voice for animals that are being slaughtered every passing second. We all need to get together and fight for their rights and with your support we want to persuade the concerned officials at Baskin Robbins to hear us and take necessary action. So please sign the petition and show the nation that you care.
Sign the Petition
Meet a Member
The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD) is a Mumbai based animal welfare NGO that runs a mass sterilization and immunisation programme. They have an active adoption programme that has helped several animals find new homes. They are also working to eradicate rabies and control the street-dog population in a humane and scientific manner. They have impacted the lives of more than 1.5 lakh street dogs through sterilisations, vaccination, healthcare and adoption.
Visit them to know about the amazing work they do for our friends on the streets.
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