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Thursday was International Women's Day, with communications abuzz recognising equality of women, and noting contributions of women leaders in many fields. In the animal protection movement, women are certainly more visible - roughly 7 out of 10 people reading this editorial will be women. The full impact and the gender politics of a movement where women are in the majority, needs to be examined in greater detail, though unfortunately this doesn't necessarily apply to leadership. Worldwide, women in leadership positions in NGOs continue to be a minority according to some studies.  So it’s clear that while there is collective recognition of women's rights, its complete absorption into the social fabric still has a long way to go.
In the long walk towards gender equality, it is incomplete to assume that only a particular group or section of the society is deserving of our attention. It’s not hard to identify the similarities between women rights issues and animal rights issues. Most significantly, objectification of bodies plays a huge role in both - women as mere figures to be used in fashion, advertising (and more) and animals used for their bodies in food, clothing and much more. And even language is weighted against equality - statements such as ‘Even animals are treated better than women’, or ‘Even a dog has more respect than that person’ are no different from ‘Don’t say that, it makes you sound like a girl’ or ‘This behaviour isn’t ladylike’.  Common references to animals as things, and women as ‘the weaker sex’, reinforce this objectification and oppression. These cultural roots of patriarchy are deeply ingrained in our life - even the most liberated women can fall prey to patriarchal thinking - we've all been socialized that way.
FIAPO believes that the end of objectification and recognition of equality and the intrinsic value of women logically extends to animals too. And that intersectionality between these two movements demands that we find opportunities to synergise so we build non-violent solutions that include all. In that context, with the recent celebration of International Women’s Day, we hope that next year anyone who stands up against gender inequality would also stand for animal rights. And today, we proudly stand for women's rights too.
Human freedom, animal rights. One struggle, one fight.
Varda Mehrotra, 
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO).
TN issues new directives to improve welfare conditions of dairy animals
The Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, issued directives to all Regional Joint Directors, to have regulations in place to deal with urban dairies and cooperatives which source milk from individual dairy farmers. This welcome step from the government of Tamil Nadu is due to a report presented by FIAPO upon investigating 451 dairies across 10 states. Four other states including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Telangana and Haryana have also issued orders for humane treatment of bovines. FIAPO is now hopeful for an action from the Urban Development Department of these states. (Read More)
Leopard in Lucknow village: Cop says shot cat in self-defence
A leopard that entered the city limits of Lucknow was shot down by a police officer, in an apparent act of self-defence. While a complaint has been filed by the forest department against unidentified individuals, it escapes the mention of the police officer in question. FIAPO has urged the state government of Uttar Pradesh to take stringent action against the police officer who killed the leopard, demanding an investigation to be set up for the same. (Read More)
Good News: 24×7 Free Dispensary for Street Animals Opens in Noida
With an aim to provide quick and free treatment to street animals, a non-profitable group named ‘House of Stray Animals’ has set up a free animal dispensary in Noida, which will remain open 24×7. The dispensary was inaugurated by Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Tourism and Culture. The dispensary promises facilities like X-ray , a mini operation theatre, vaccinations, mobile OPD, ambulance services and will also provide free anti-rabies vaccination.. FIAPO salutes this initiative and urges other cities to follow the same model to create a difference in the lives of street animals. (Read More
Rajasthan government proposes amendments to check cow smuggling
Clamping down on illegal cow slaughter, Rajasthan has ruled that vehicles used in unauthorized transportation of bovines will be seized and the accused arrested. However, it would only be applicable in case of cows, and not buffaloes. The government approved an amendment in the Rajasthan Bovine Animal (Prohibition of slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act for the same, which will now go to the assembly, where it is most likely to be passed unchallenged. We believe that all animals share equal rights and differentiating them on the basis one's cultural believes is something which should be discouraged. (Read More)
The real cost of meat
Poultry is a booming industry in India, with chicken meat being projected to the masses as a cheap and nutritious food source. But in reality, this cheap nutrition is causing destruction to the world we live in. The meat industry uses a third of the world’s freshwater—directly or indirectly. The global production of meat is increasing at an alarming pace, from 229 million metric tons in the year 2000 to a projected 465 million metric tons, by 2050. The largest number of victims of this annual massacre are chickens. With the ever increasing consumption of meat in India, we are not far from the day where there would be no water for us to waste. (Read More)    
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Thousands of animals are slaughtered illegally every day in India, at places of unchecked cruelty, ranging from roadside shacks to air-conditioned establishments. With the #StopIllegalSlaughter campaign, our long term vision is not to just address the widespread illegal and unethical practices prevalent in slaughter, but to, bring in legislative reforms and create awareness by engaging with local organisations and activists. #StopIllegalSlaughter is currently present in 8 cities namely Chennai, Bangalore, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar, Delhi, Dehradun, Hyderabad and Indore.
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One of Gujarat's well known NGOs - Animal Friend actively strives towards higher standards of animal care and welfare in India. Co-founded in 2014 by Sudhir Shah & Nirmal Patel, the organisation works actively to conduct awareness campaigns and regular Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV) drives in the city. They also have a shelter where they keep rescued and injured animals.
Animal Friend boasts of over 80 volunteers and is the only NGO in Surat that provides wheelchairs for street dogs with backbone issues. You can find out more about them by visiting their Facebook page.
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