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For many, social networks have infamously become outlets for spreading ill-informed social opinions and misguided facts to an audience that mainly already agrees with one's own pre-formed ideas and conceptions.  This bare-minimum style of advocacy, known as slacktivism ,  has been on the rise and still continues to thrive. With the growing power of social media however, it is possible that what was once a place for long rants in little pockets today has the power to change public opinion, mobilse activists and even galvanize movements.
Social media has had a huge role to play in movements such as #ArabSpring, #PinkChaddi, #MeToo and #MarrigeEquality. However, one of the first movements to successfully use social media to shape history was the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Where previous social media advocacy presented a problem and asked people to care, Black Lives Matter identified and humanized an issue that its supporters faced every day—the regular killing of unarmed black people by police officers.
The success of the Black Lives Matter movement though, really stood in tying social media with on ground protests and marches, Black Lives Matter successfully harnessed feelings already present and organized them into a coherent movement. This sort of grassroots mobilization is not new to popular movements, but Black Lives Matter was the first to replicate the process on social media. Today, the movement has 30 local chapters that regularly raise their voice against racial brutality both digitally and offline.

Other examples of social movements with a strong digital presence that had real consequences include the #ArabSpring Movement, where (in response to a poll) nine out of ten Egyptians and Tunisians claimed to using Facebook to organise protests and spread awareness and the #MeToo movement, which has seen the sacking of many officials, and has been used by more than 4.7 billion people all across the world.
So how does this fit in with animal rights?  Social media brings with itself the power to uncover and document cruelty that is otherwise invisible to the public, and in an era where unbiased print coverage is nearly impossible to find –the internet offers a megaphone to anyone with a voice and an indignation.
Social media is thus a powerful tool to expose and share the suffering of the 56 billion animals, that otherwise live and die in misery. One great example of this was FIAPO’s own undercover dairy investigation. that put in public view some of the most common and horrific practices that were otherwise veiled in the garb of ‘healthy milk’. 
Another example of this success was the IUFA movement – a digitally organised movement that saw participation from the likes of Sonakshi Sinha and Kapil Sharma, and galvanized over 60 cities, in India and abroad to stand together for the rights of animals to live with dignity and without fear.
Online petitions, crowd funding, pressure building, awareness generation and most significantly organizing ourselves virtually are just some of the ways we can use social media to bring to the forefront the issue of animal suffering to shift from the status quo. With 2.46 billion users of social media, there’s never been a better and cheaper forum to speak up and win for animals!   Far from the confines of slacktivism, the internet can be a game changer for animal rights. Animal activism in India needs a makeover – for the digital age.

Varda Mehrotra, 
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)
FIAPO ties up with Boombox & Cookie Jar for vegan desserts, beverages
As part of its Corporate Outreach programme, FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection organisations) has collaborated with two more restaurants in New Delhi. The latest ones to join the compassion race are Boombox and start-up firm Cookie Jar. Boombox will introduce vegan beverages like milk shakes, while Cookie Jar will sell vegan brownies and cookies.  (Read More)
People’s Movement Against Illegal Slaughter in Bhubaneswar
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations organized a workshop with Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra-AWTE-Odisha on 'Capacity Building to #StopIllegalSlaughter' in Bhubaneswar on 25th March 2018! Citizens of Bhubaneswar came together to discuss and train on various laws governing slaughter and on how to work with Government authorities to end these illegal practices. FIAPO is planning on conducting these capacity building workshops in different parts of the country in the coming year.  (Read More)  
MC finally gets its own cattle-lifting van 
The Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana has  purchased its own vehicle for shifting stray cattle from the city roads. Due to inappropriate management of bovines in the city, more than 1,500 animals wander around the streets of the city, which causes disruption in traffic and to the lives of these gentle bovines. FIAPO, with its campaign on managing Gaushalas, is working towards creating a better living condition for these animals, who are abandoned by their owners after being ‘useless’ for the industry. (Read More)
Woman of steel has room for 1,000 dogs in posh Chhatarpur farmhouse
Krishna Ashram, a farmhouse in Chhatarpur area of South Delhi has been home to over a thousand street dogs and a similar number of other animals including cows, donkeys and pigs. Over 150 volunteers along with four veterinary doctors are always present at the ashram to look after the animals. The owner of the ashram, Ms. Rita Singh is now looking to get better doctors on board with an idea to cure severe injuries in street animals. FIAPO salutes the efforts of Ms. Rita Singh, who is helping to create a difference in the lives of these animals. (Read More)
Dog beaten to death in Noida, case filed
A one-year-old female dog was allegedly beaten to death after security guards suspected her of biting a child. The residents vented out their anger on the dog which was not even present in the society when the child was bitten. Though the police have registered an FIR, the only feasible solution to human-dog conflict in the country lies in proper ABC, ARV, Education on dog-bite prevention and Post-bite Counselling. FIAPO is working towards reducing this conflict by building the above mentioned pillars in the country. (Read More)
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End Circus Suffering
Circuses keep animals in captivity and use them against their will for human entertainment. They are tortured, starved and beaten to perform unnatural tricks. FIAPO, with its #EndCircusSuffering campaign, works towards getting a complete ban on animal performances in circuses.
Till date, the campaign has rescued 167 animals from 13 circuses across India and has mobilised 114 activists, from 45 organisations across 18 states.
We are presently working on pressurizing the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) to respond to our demand.
Join the network of over 150 NGOs and activists across the country in asking MoEFCC to #EndCircusSuffering.
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Humane Animal Society (HAS) is unique in the respect that it serves as a platform where any animal lover can contribute towards the welfare of animals. Fostering a vibrant volunteering culture, HAS sets up several community events throughout the year where people can participate and contribute the best way possible to help animals.
Inculcating compassion and love towards the voiceless, HAS has been the difference that makes a difference to the lives of countless animals. The organization has been able to create a positive impact to over 45000 animals since inception.
As the only organisation that conducts humane education programs in Coimbatore, Humane Animal Society has been able to sensitize thousands of humans against speciesism and animal exploitation.
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Humane Animal Society
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