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The suffering of animals in dairies, in research labs, in homes, in slaughterhouses, in factory farms, is more than often overlooked by the public’s naked eye. In the wake of moribund city lives, most people are unaware about what happens right in front of their eyes, let alone what happens behind closed doors- millions of chickens slaughtered for food, awaiting their slow death in battery cages, captive animals used for “entertainment” whiling away to psychological disorders, lakhs of dairy cattle forced to suffer in deplorable conditions. The list is just endless…
The unfair, unethical and mostly unlawful treatment of this section of sentient beings puts an important responsibility on our comparatively privileged shoulders. The responsibility to uncover the invisibility cloak that these suffering animals are unjustly hidden under. A powerful way to bring this reality to the forefront is in exploring and optimizing the power of undercover investigations. With the help of hidden cameras, microphones and a thirst for justice, there are many brave undercover investigators amongst all of us, who are changing animal rights in the country.
Only when we document the wrongdoing and injustice to animals in the form of critical evidence, can we raise public support for institutional & regulatory changes. Time and again, there have been many victories of pro-animal rights campaigns by sprouting change in public opinion and policies, all thanks to the undercover investigations’ revelations. It is, however, necessary that the content that the undercover investigation procures is explicit, with accurate evidences (often graphic), that only a successful operation is capable of producing.
A classic case of success has been FIAPO’s End Circus Suffering campaignthat is working alongside support organisations by inspecting and videographing the atrocities committed in Indian circuses. The result? 17 circuses being legally disallowed to perform with animals. In another example,  FIAPO’s investigation of Indian dairies revealed utmost cruelty and unlawful practices. The campaign continues to create mass awareness causing a substantial increase in the number of vegetarians and neo-vegans in the past few years. In cases such as Jallikattu, videographed evidence helped banning the practice back in the years. While the ban has been lifted, the reality is out in the open for debates. Once the situation is triggered with an investigation, the snowballing of positive outcomes is only a matter of time.
There lies a world of hidden realities waiting to be discovered, with tools of technology like camera lenses and microphones to our aid. It is time we raised our voices to question the barbaric practices that have been in the system for way too long. We have waited long enough, and so have the animals in suffering. The time for action is now.
If you want to do an undercover investigation in your city and be the wingman for social justice, we can help you calculate risks and share a little bit of methodology.  We await your mail at
No one must shut his eyes and regard as nonexistent the suffering of which he spared himself the sight. -Albert Schweitzer
Varda Mehrotra,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO)

National News

Dwindling Hopes for Elephants in India
A preliminary analysis of India’s latest elephant census conducted by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change reveals an upward climb for the population of elephants in India .The survey puts the jumbo population at 27,312 in the country.Read More 
However, the death toll of elephants used for rides in Jaipur has increased, where more than 5 to 8 elephants die every year among the 125 that are put to work ferrying people around on their broad, sloping backs.Read More 
In another unfortunate event, two elephants were found dead by patrolling teams in Terai-Central division and Haldwani divisions.Read More
Animals Struggle with Increasing Human Interference
In another case of human-animal conflict, a six-year-old male leopard, who had strayed into Athirappilly plantation near Yookali forest area, was captured.The leopard was attracted to the settlement around the forest as the plantation workers owned cattle.Read More 
Hammering the last nail in the coffin that will mostly lead to the extinction of tigers in Jharkhand, the construction of North Koel irrigation project has been approved by the government. The project threatens to submerge 3.44 lakh trees at the tiger’s only home- the Palamau tiger reserve in the state.Read More 
Rescuers Rush to Save Thousands of Animals from Floods in India, Nepal
 The floods that hit northeast India and Nepal left thousands of animals in need of emergency care. Running an active disaster relief campaign, many local and international organizations are on the move to save the animals, including pets and livestock, who are fighting for their lives.Read More

Local News

#RabiesFree Spreads its Wings to Mangalore
After getting orders from the Kerala Health Department to spread dog-bite prevention education in 1000 schools in Kerala, FIAPO’s #RabiesFree team has secured an order from the Mangalore Health Department to spread thesimilar education in 890 schools at the Dakshin Kannada district.
Animal Activist Cops Rescue Over 100 Camels from Karwan
Days ahead of Bakrid festival, animal activists in the city rescued over 100 camels from Karwan, Hyderabad. The camels were allegedly transported from Rajasthan for slaughtering, with rescuers claiming that the animals were made to walk all the way to Hyderabad.Read More​
“Animals have rights” says Chhattisgarh High Court
In a significant win for animals, the Chhattisgarh high court recently upheld the need to recognize that animals have the right to freedom. The court made the observation while disposing off the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed recently by an animal rights activist seeking the release of wild elephant ‘Sonu’, held in captivity by the authorities of Achanakmar Tiger Reserves.Read More​
Plea to Re-start Tonga Race in Nagaur Rejected
In positive news, the attempts to revive the traditional Tonga race organised annually in the Nagaur District were thwarted by the Rajasthan High Court, when they dismissed the State government’s plea to modify the January 2016 order banning the controversial practice. Jaipur FAPO met up with CM Vasundhara Raje and build pressure on local authorities such as the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Dr.Prabhulal Saini, requesting them to hold the ban.
Over 90 lakh Cattle in Madhya Pradesh to get UID Numbers of their own
Over  90 cattle in Madhya Pradesh will soon get their own Aadhar-like unique identification numbers. The state would be the first in the country to start work on a pilot project of this Centrally-sponsored scheme.
Safety of Cows Questioned in Gaushalas
The Jabalpur district administration has instituted an inquiry to find information about the hundreds of cows missing from a charitable cow shelter in the district of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.Read More​
Similarly, the Indian army is facing a difficult proposition of disposing about 25,000 of its cows and bulls following the imminent closure of all 39 of its military farms across the country.Read More​
Complaints against cow slaughter, poor facilities for animals and tax benefits to slaughter houses top list of grievances sent to environment ministry”, says government study.

Take Action

FIAPO’s continuous efforts to End Circus Suffering in the country are bearing fruit, with the AWBI sending out an advisory to its parent ministry, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change recommending “a strong legislation to end institutionalized cruelty to animals in circuses”!
Join the fight to stop the extreme brutality in the inherently abusive circuses, by urging the Minister of MoEFCC to #EndCircusSuffering!
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Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came into existence in 1998. The purpose of the society is to make people aware about the care, management and nutrition of street animals. For PAWS, all animals on this planet are companions of the society and hence we need to realize their importance in our everyday life and do our bit in exchange. PAWS conducts regular awareness programs in and around Delhi besides its anti rabies camps for strays.
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