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In India, there are approximately 25 million dogs, most of whom are free-roaming or partly-owned. Like it or not, dogs and people have to co-exist in our cities and villages, and sometimes, there is conflict. Conflict is not just the killing of dogs (like in Kerala), but starts right from neglecting dogs in distress, to beating/stoning, and includes displacement. Chances are, whichever city you are reading this from, human-dog conflict exists in your city too – in one form or another.
The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of resolving this conflict is Animal Birth Control (ABC), or sterilization. And rightly so – it has shown documented success in reducing dog population in several cities in India. But if after decades of ABC in your city, you still face conflict, you are not alone.
We have to ask the question – what are we missing? Even with successful ABC programmes with adequate budgets, competent staff, government support- dogs continue to get beaten, neglected or displaced and sometimes even killed. Over the last year, FIAPO consulted several of our members, and visited some of the aggrieved communities – we listened to people bitten by dogs, scared of dogs, dog-lovers, health officers, vets, NGOs and municipal corporations.
We found out something that we all already know – but perhaps never fully acknowledged in our thirst for running ABC programmes- that dogs are not attacked just because of their population. Dog-bite victims need immediate help & support that the long-term solution of ABC cannot offer. Instead, we found that people were more concerned about contracting rabies, about being able to navigate their neighborhoods without fearing packs of dogs, and if they are bitten then to get support and medical assistance.
Yet, all our solutions for ending this conflict continue to narrow down to ABC. But it’s clear, that to protect dogs on streets of India, ABC alone is not the answer We must also start investing in other equally important and immediately effective measures to end this conflict.
Anti-Rabies Vaccination: To be able to eliminate rabies, studies show that 70% of dogs have to be vaccinated against it. Such large numbers are simply not possible with our struggling ABC programmes, and dedicated ARV (independent of ABC) is desperately needed if we want an end to rabies. To be able to assure people that they won’t contract rabies from a dog, it needs to be ensured that the dog is currently immune to the disease. This can happen only through a dedicated street dog vaccination programme.
Dog-bite prevention Education: There is a dire need to sensitise the community about behaving around street dogs- dog lovers may respond differently to the same dog than a person who is not too fond of them. This is all because some of us have learnt the basics of dog behavior, while others have not. We have found that much of the ill will against street dogs stems from fear and ignorance.  Education is the only way to dispel this fear and to get people to accept dogs in their communities as the wonderful companions they have been for centuries.
Post-bite Victim Counselling:Dog-bites can be traumatic, and victims of dog-bites must be cared for immediately, apart from guiding them about what needs to be done next. In the absence of such counseling, we have found that victims, their families and the community at large is susceptible to extreme aggression towards all street animals, considering them a nuisance. Sharing basic knowledge such as ease of treatment, their personal risk zone amongst others, go a long way in helping the victims allay fears and hatred towards dogs in their community. Here, the counselors act as a support system to the victims and offer their community service to help them feel secure and safe, not necessarily just as an act of animal welfare.
With our national campaign- Rabies Free, we are now working in Kerala and Karnataka - to not only help implement ABC, but also carry out Anti Rabies Vaccinations, Dog-Bite Prevention Education and Victim Counseling. We are actively inviting partner organizations in other cities, so if you want to end human-dog conflict in your city, write to us at
Varda Mehrotra,
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO)

National News

AWBI Lends Support to FIAPO’s #EndCircusSuffering Campaign
Generations of animals abused in circuses for crude entertainment may soon be a thing of the past. The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has sent an advisory to its parent Ministry MoEF&CC recommending “a strong legislation to end institutionalized cruelty to animals in circuses”.The campaign End Circus Suffering, initiated by FIAPOhas revealed violation of multiple provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Actand the Performing Animals rules by circuses.Read More
Chicken and Egg Eaters in the Country being Served Antibiotic- Resistant Bacteria, says Experts
A new study led by researchers from the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) states that in Punjab, high levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria were found in chickens raised for both meat and eggs. It is best to go vegan, and withdraw our support for factory farmed products.Read More
Cow Protectionism: The New Age of Hypocrisy 
In a shocking incident, nearly 30 cattle including a dozen cows that have been rescued from slaughtering, allegedly died due to starvation in a cattle rescue shed (gaushala) in Kakinada town of Andhra Pradesh.Read More
Though the government’s idea of banning sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter was intended at the welfare of animals and tackling illegal sale and smuggling, but the ‘welfare’ takes a dip when dairy cows are in question. Torture on dairy animals for milk is generally ignored, because of the profits it holds.Read More 
Cow vigilantism is a toxic mix of religious fundamentalism, identity politics and the claim of animal rights,fueling this phenomenon.Why the staunchest of cow lovers still wear leather, and those who do avoid leather, are still avid consumers of dairy.To claim that one species-‘cow’ is a sacred animal, implies devaluation of the life of a chicken or dog. Sentience and a central nervous system is a shared trait among these “devalued” and “sacred” animals.
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Animal Rights Movement in Southern India Stronger Than Ever Before
To enable activists, NGOs and organisations in the south of India to come together as a stronger and a more empowered force, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) successfully conducted the3-day event- FIAPO Bootcamp 2017-South Zone in Bangalore, pertaining to the present needs of animal rights movement in India. The highlights of the three day workshop were the open interactive sessions where activists from different regions opined and discussed the issues of fund raising, communications, group development, networking and volunteering.Read More

Local News

The Elephant Tales of India
Two tea estates in Assam have found an animal-friendly solution to the human elephant conflict in the state.The measures taken to produce one cup of elephant-friendly tea includes removal of barriers to elephant movement between habitat areas, elimination of electrocution risks from fencing & power lines, taking care of the drainage ditch hazards and riddance of risk of poisoning of elephants.Read More
On a contrary, more than three quarters of nearly 3,000 elephants used for the entertainment of tourists in India and other Asian countries are kept in “severely cruel” conditions; a new report said. The study has found that in India 116 elephants continue to endure abuse to entertain tourists at Amber Fort in Rajasthan.Read More
Director General of Forests, Siddhanta Das has assured that the Union Environment and Forest Ministry will provide the assistance to Meghalaya Government to address the concerns of human- animal conflict and for securing corridor for the safe passage of migratory elephants along the Indo-Bangla border.Read More
Human animal conflict has taken the life of another innocent elephant that entered a factory premises in Munnar, Kerala. The tusker entered the premises of Kannan Devan Hill Plantations (KDHP) in Chenduvara, Munnar, on July 24. Enraged by the encroachment, the factory officials allegedly deputed some men with an earthmover to chase the animal away. The tusker tried to escape but was hammered on his tusk and head by the metal carrier.Read More
Action taken in Jaipur on 16 Complaints Filed in 4 Different Areas Against Illegal Meat Shops
Jaipur Police, municipality commissioner and the FSSAI offices are flooded with complaints on the illegal meat shops in many parts of Jaipur. The investigation of these shops, led by the Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (J-FAPO), supported by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), the Stop Illegal Slaughter campaign has brought to light glaring violations of all rules pertaining to operation of meat shops and the inhumane conditions in which animals are held. The Jaipur Nagar Nigam closed all roadside establishments in Ghat Gate, Kacchi Basti, Baes Godaam areas of the city.Read More
Saving Wildlife, to Destroy it Later
In an attempt centered towards wildlife conservation, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to build underpasses and subways for safety of wild animals on train tracks that pass through national parks and sanctuaries in the state.Read More
In unfortunate turn of events, poaching of another adult tiger has come to light in Deolapar range of Mansinghdeo Wildlife Sanctuary, now a critical tiger habitat (CTH).The tiger was killed in Golpahadi area in compartment No. 524 in the tiger reserve.Read More

Take Action

Thousands of animals are slaughtered illegally due to a lack of effective implementation of laws and regulations. It’s an absolute abuse of animal rights, whereas human health too is kept at stake by neglecting food safety laws. To put an end to this endless injustice to animals and violations, FIAPO’s ‘STOP ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER’ campaign aims to enable grassroots activists to act on farmed animal issues and provide respite to animals living in such conditions.
You can start a ‘STOP ILLEGAL SLAUGHTER’ campaign in your own city and bring change in the lives of thousands of Farm Animals. Email us at  and we will help you to take action against meat and chicken shops in your city.

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The Society for animal Welfare (SAW) was established in 1996 and registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act in 1350 fasli to alleviate the suffering of animals. It has grown from small beginnings to become one of largest animal welfare organizations, running active animal welfare, animal rights and humane education programmes. Click here to know more.

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