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Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) is a collective of animal protection organisations in India. We represent and advocate for NGOs and activists in the Indian animal protection sector; and also independently conduct research about and advocate for the rights of animals. More about us here

Recent Activities:

20 Jul, FIAPO sends a letter to Punjab CM, highlighting the adverse effects of fish farming

19 Jul, Response letter to the Director of Animal Husbandry, Tamil Nadu regarding the increasing and modernising slaughterhouses

19 Jul, FIAPO responds to Times of India for publishing an article highlighting animal protein consumption as a method for weight loss

17 Jul, New Vacancy of Movement Building Campaign Manager, Varanasi

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Fortnightly Commentary No 60: 20th June 2014 circ. 2000 people

Dear Members and Friends,

I’m at a music performance the other day put on by the brother (Vishal) of one of our staff members. Now, comes and sits behind us, a 45 year old western volunteer, Ron, who has only just arrived in Udaipur. As I am sitting there pressured to make small talk, the performer, Vishal, comes and gives a hug to Ron, the volunteer.

My interest is spiked - how did this relationship come to be? Perfect small talk material. Me: “Hey Ron, how...Read more

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Eating chicken could make you immune to antibiotics
31 Jul 2014
The study said it had evidence of large scale and reckless use of antibiotics...Read more

Time for action
31 Jul 2014
It is possible to produce antibiotics-free chicken, says Chandra Bhushan ...Read more

EU has curbed antibiotic resistance by banning antibiotics
31 Jul 2014
India drags its feet ...Read more

Chicken rearers say antibiotics are indispensable
31 Jul 2014
On the pretext of preventing diseases, poultry farmers use antibiotics in...Read more

Hatching superbugs
31 Jul 2014
CSE Laboratory Report: Antibiotics in Chicken Meat ...Read more

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The Dog Care Field Manual
18 Jul 2013
How to care for mangy run-down dogs in 2nd and 3rd world countries (and in...Read more

Regulation of the Pet Trade
05 Jul 2013
This report by the Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organizations (JFAPO)...Read more

Fishing Industry in India
28 Mar 2013
India is a major player in the commercial fishing world – we rank third...Read more

Wall of Animal Rights - Video Library
13 Mar 2013
Film offers us a powerful tool to shift awareness and inspire action. ...Read more

Indian veterinarians who have attended the ABC-surgery course in 2010-2012
19 Feb 2013
Indian veterinarians who have attended the ABC-surgery course in 2010-2012 ...Read more

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