Strengthening the Indian Animal Protection Movement

For more than seven years, we have been working day in and day out

to build a national movement to protect our fellow earthlings.

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End elephant captivity

From captive to care-free, we are dedicated to freeing elephants across India.

Over 100 heart-broken elephants are housed in conditions shamed by inadequate facilities.

Join us in our battle by pledging to never visit a zoo or a circus.

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Movement Building

Building the collective strength of the animal protection movement across India.

Our signature movement building campaign works with over 60 organisations,

and more than 200 campaigners locally to develop the strength of the

organisations at all levels.

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Spreading awareness about a cruelty-free lifestyle

Living Free, the flagship campaign of FIAPO, focuses on reduction in the consumption

of animal products by mobilising grassroots movement and spreading awareness.

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Raising a collective voice against the rise of factory farms in India

Focused on poultry and dairy animals, the campaign aims to influence government bodies,

organisations and consumers toward practices that end factory farming.

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